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Buy 'Pure & Golden Duo' & save 💰💰💰
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We promise to be environmentally conscious. 

Beautiful packaging with all the bells and whistles is always exciting. However, The Honey CBD finds minimizing waste and lessening our carbon footprint more important and definitely more gratifying. We cut out all the flashy packaging and keep everything we send to you earth friendly. Form follows function and less is definitely more. 
Let’s break it down... Our amber glass honey jars and tincture bottles are made to be re-used or recycled. We secure our breakable items in Enviro-Bubble® wrap for extra cushion, and our packing paper is acid free and ink free. Both are 100% recyclable, and reusable. Every package is secured with kraft paper tape that is eco-friendly and makes recycling our boxes even easier. We partner with companies that share these values, like our shipping company who is completely carbon neutral.
The Honey CBD wants our natural ingredients to speak for themselves. Designing and packaging with less gives us the ability to channel more of our attention into delivering quality CBD products to you.