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Recipe: ‘Pure’ Aloe Tea Tree Face Toner

‘Pure’ Aloe Tea Tree Face Toner 🌱

Toner is a must have in your skin care routine. Using toner after you cleanse your skin is the best way to tighten pores and help your moisturizer soak into your skin. This D.I.Y toner requires a few more steps than our other recipes but will keep up to 6 months if stored properly (out of the sun & in a glass container). Aloe contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A & C, anti-inflammatory and is an overall great moisturizer. Tea tree oil is antibacterial, reduces acne and soothes inflamed skin. While adding our product ‘Pure’ to the mix which also has organic coconut oil and hemp seed oil in it you have a simple yet powerful toner ready to mist at your disposal.



Ingredients & Supplies:

-Pure CBD Oil (Determine your Dosage here)

-¼ - ½ Cup Fresh Aloe

-1 Cup Distilled or Purified Water

-Tea Tree Oil

-Food Processor

-Cutting Board



-Kitchen Scissors

-Small Misting Bottle



Read our blog post about How to Choose an Essential Oil


1. Set up a clean area with your food processor.

2. Wash and pat dry you aloe vera. 

3. Cut both sides of the leaf with scissors to remove the thorny parts. 

4. Slice off the skin and gently scoop out the gel to put into the food processor. Make sure there are no green or yellowish parts from the rind, only clear and white gel.

5. Pour 1 cup of distilled or purified water into the food processor with the gel and blend.

6. Put a strainer over a bowl and pour the aloe mixture over it.

7. Using a funnel pour strained aloe water into your spray bottle.

8. Place 10 drops of tea tree oil into the spray bottle.

9. Put 1-2 droppers full of Pure into the bottle as well.

10. Shake it up before use to disperse the oils.

11. Enjoy your hydrating misting toner!

 ***Do not add essential oil directly to the skin without diluting in Pure.

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