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Recipe: 'Pure' Relaxing Muscle Topical

'Pure' Relaxing Muscle Topical 💪

This topical is simple and effective using only two ingredients: Magnesium Oil Spray and our product Pure. Magnesium oil is actually water based, so putting the two ingredients together in a bottle to shake is the best way to mix them. Magnesium is found naturally in a lot of foods, but a concentrated magnesium on the skin helps regulate nerve and muscle function. This CBD infused magnesium oil spray will help ease your pain and soothe any cramps or spasms. Personalize this recipe with your favorite most relaxing scents and upgrade your massage to the next level. Relax absorbs deep into the muscles and joints while the aromatics relax and nurture your central nervous system. Add jojoba to dilute this topical to use all over, or keep as is for localized relief.


-Pure CBD (Determine your Dosage here)

-Magnesium Oil Spray

-Essential oils of your choice

***It is best to mix ingredients in a small bottle (spray or capped) and shake before each use.


1. Start with clean skin.

2. Mix 2 parts Magnesium oil with 1 part Pure CBD Oil in a small bottle.

3. Add 3-5 drops of each essential oil (optional)

4. Shake well and apply to localized area of tension.

For use as a massage oil:

Add 3 tsp of jojoba oil to the bottle of ingredients for partial body massage.


Add 6 tsp of jojoba oil to the bottle of ingredients above to use for full body massage.

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