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Recipe: 'Pure' Glow Essential Oils Face Serum

'Pure' Glow Essential Oil Face Serum

Create your own glow with this fun serum recipe! You can use this day or night to fit into your daily routine because it doesn’t contain any citric acid. The great part about this recipe is that you can tweak it to fit your skin's needs by changing up the oils. The oils we chose for this recipe are based on helping with moisture, anti-oxidants, wrinkles, tightening and an all over GLOW. Jasmine increases skin moisture content and smells so good! Neroli oil helps to brighten your skin. Carrot seed oil helps to revitalize and tone. Frankincense is great for wrinkles and soothing the skin. Lavender reduces blemishes and stimulates collagen. Our ‘Pure’ CBD has additional carrier oils (hemp and coconut oil) which is great for sebum production, and moisturizing the skin. Top this all off with jojoba oil as your main carrier oil in this recipe to penetrate the deepest layers of our skin for maximum moisture. Try it out!

Terpenes: Nerolidol, Falcarinol, Pinene

Ingredients & Supplies:

-Pure CBD Oil (2-3 droppers full)

-Jasmine Oil (10 drops)

-Lavender Oil (10 drops)

-Frankincense Oil (10 drops)

-Neroli Oil (10 drops)

-Carrot Seed Oil (10 drops or less if you don't like the smell)

-Jojoba Oil 1oz (carrier oil fill to the top)

-1oz dropper bottle

Read our blog post about How to Choose an Essential Oil


1. Taking a 1oz dropper bottle or whatever size you have handy, make sure it is clean and ready to use. We recommend an amber bottle to protect the CBD and essential oils from UV ray deterioration. 
2. Place 5-10 drops of each into the 1oz bottle depending on how strong you want to make your serum.
3. Take your jojoba oil and fill up the rest of the bottle.
4. Put the cap on and shake it up.
5. Apply after cleansing your face day or night!

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